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Enthusiasm and passion are the fuel you need to get things started. Passion is something you have to feel: it is the intrinsic motivation to pursue your ideals and make your business succeed.

Find things that you love doing. When you do what you love, you will find that it hardly costs any energy. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty (Winst Churchill).

Over the course of your life, you want to meet people who give you energy rather than sapping it. As you develop a reliable radar, you will see that surrounding yourself with these people will take you further in life. I would like to share this radar with others, so that they can inspire themselves to be happy and energetic.

As I said earlier: “The more you have experienced, the more you have to offer to others. So, experience to the max!”

I have spent the past few years experiencing as much as possible, and the time has now come to share this enthusiasm with others, to share my story about taking the step from success to value. Everyone has their stories about ups and downs. If we were to communicate our passion and our real stories more often, we could really get something going.

I am also available as a chairman or panel member in discussions on topics that are close to me. Furthermore, I can play an inspiring role for business owners looking to be guided and coached in the continued roll-out and marketing of their ideas, products and innovations.

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