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Connecting businesses, sectors, organisations in the Netherlands and abroad, and families is a tremendous challenge to me and fills me with inspiration and energy. I would like to share this with you and use it to increase the value of your company and work together on a sustainable business to last a lifetime.

Running your own business comes with ample responsibilities, but also confers many freedoms. Within this freedom I can offer entrepreneurs / (family) businesses the following:

  • Advising and guiding family businesses (and transfer generation);
  • Consultancy in the field of branding, growth and sustainability;
  • International sponsorships / partnerships between top sport and economy;
  • Professional director and supervisor;
  • Inspiring guest speaker, moderator and / or panel member;
  • Connector between charities, including in the field of cultural heritage and (inter) national sports.

I strive to be successful by being of value to someone, rather than just by being a familiar face. This is a feeling that has to develop naturally over time. Often, your first success is for your ego (turnover), your second success to create a solid foundation for your family (team), and your third success to be of value to others, or the next generation. These principles are very common in all kinds of companies, including family businesses.

“The more you have experienced, the more you have to offer to others. So, experience to the max!”

Moving from success to value together!

Kind regards,

Jan de Mooij


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